Anybody here worked in Nigeria recently?

Anybody here worked in Nigeria recently? I just got a call asking if I’d work 60/30, can get a security clearance and would work in Nigeria. I’m assuming an OSV or AHTV. Anyone have details about the conditions, salaries and such? I’m totally clueless on what to expect.

It’s been over 25 years since I’ve been there. I doubt it’s improved much. My grandkids would have to be real hungry before I went back.

Can you elaborate? I’m interested in safety, salaries, working conditions, flights, dealing with locals, basically everything!

I know someone who was kidnapped three times during the time he worked there. He hates Nigeria with a passion.

Unless you or your family are living in your car or a cardboard box walk away. I had a machine gun in my face type shakedown by some dude in fatigues. All I was thinking was God please get me through this and I will never come back here. I will say an 308 FN FAL barrel is a mile wide when it’s in your face.

Jesus, is it really that bad?

Ask if they have any opportunities in Ghana, or other countries. Much safer.

Did talk to some other maariners in Ghana that were not concerned about going back to Nigeria.

Personally, I’d pass.

What about internet/phone when working in Africa? Do the OSV’s have phone and such for their workers?

[QUOTE=ForkandBlade;89198]What about internet/phone when working in Africa? Do the OSV’s have phone and such for their workers?[/QUOTE]

From what I can see, they have.

I was there for a few months in 2010. 3rd world doesn’t quite capture it. It’s rrrrreeeealllly poor there. Piracy is rampant and a very real and constant threat. I was on an MSC survey ship. We brought a navy defensive detachment just to protect us from the pirates. We would tow/survey in daylight and then go drift 10-15 miles offshore overnight. All ships did that. There were always a bunch of container ships and tankers out in that area. The WX conditions were generally mild enough overnight that we could just stop engines and drift, but we NEVER secured the plant and neither did any of the other ships. About every other night, you’d see a big ship nearby suddenly start moving, often making S patterns or running in circles. It seemed peculiar at first, but this was usually followed in a few minutes by someone screaming over the radio that pirates had come aboard. The pirates sometimes just kill a guy when they get aboard to show the crew they mean business. It’s up to you, but I’ll be avoiding that part of the world when I go back to sea.

I’ve worked up and down West Africa. Made a couple of deliveries. Also worked on a crew that was sent over to patch up broken down junk and ride said junk on rig moves a few times. There’s no shortage of shitholes in Africa but IMO, Warri is the reference standard.

I’ve heard the same complaint from guys over the years. Once you get over there, it’s hard to get a relief.

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[QUOTE=ForkandBlade;89198]What about internet/phone when working in Africa? Do the OSV’s have phone and such for their workers?[/QUOTE]

Depends on the company.

Our company allowed us to use the vessel sat phone to call home. I port I had a local cell phone, and could call home to the states from Ghana for less money that I could making a local call. It was more expensive to call the States from the Ivory Coast, Liberia or Namibia on a local cell phone.

We also had satellite internet, so we could always Skype or simply email.

Don’t go to Nigeria. There are pirates everywhere. In 2010 they got aboard a vessel nearby us every other day for months.