Any West Coast Jones Act Cargo Ships?

I’m familiar with the Jones act ships serving Puerto Rico but are there any serving Hawaii and Guam? I know Dunlap has a container barge run from Seattle to Hawaii but are there any container ships on similar runs?

Matson? Sause?


Rumors about TOTE trying to get into the Hawaii market.

Sause does most of the tug and barge freight to Hawaii. They also do barge service to the Western Pacific.

I have no idea who serves Guam. Probably there is military and government affiliated freight going to Guam. I suspect most of Guam’s freight comes foreign flag directly from Asia.

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Hawaii and Guam are served by Matson, Pasha and Sause (tug and barge). Lynden has a tug and barge service to Hawaii. APL has an Oakland and Seattle Guam service.


How about ?

Dunlap does most of Lynden’s (formerly Northland) Hawaii and Western Alaska barge towing.

Western Towboat has all of Lynden’s SE Alaska towing and some of Western Alaska. They might have some of Hawaii; I don’t know.

Coastal operates small uninspected “fish” freighters exclusively for the fishing industry to Western Alaska under the Aleutian Trade Act.

Guam is principally serviced by Matson and APL. (FWIW Guam has a US build exemption with regards to the Jones Act). Pasha and Matson are the main carriers for Hawaii. Tote and Matson run to Alaska.

There are a few smaller operators that run tug and barge operations or small ships but the above names handle the bulk of the cargo.

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I think TOTE in HI has fizzled. Their plan seemed contingent on getting the Kapalama Terminal (which is still being built) but that went to Pasha. Saltchuck (TOTE’s parent company) does own Young Brothers and Foss which are both present in HI, though I think Foss is only doing harbor work.

Pasha_Vessel_Schedule (1).pdf (25.7 KB)

Are you a member or applicant of MMP? If not, that would be your first step before getting aboard.

Are there any actual ships running Seattle to Hawaii or just barges?

Don’t know which USWC ports are used but Matson has a big container terminal in Honolulu Harbor, according to AIS the MAHIMAHI is alongside now.

IIRC I’ve seen Matson ships in Tacoma also.

The 3rd reply to your original post with that question:

Neither of those say whether there is a Seattle - Hawaii service.

As posted 13 days ago:

It shows all Hawaii arrivals for Matson including the ones from Seattle.

Currently it looks like the Kauai and Manoa are on bi-weekly service from Seattle and Hawaii with a stop in Oakland as well.

I don’t believe there are any other ships (not barges) that go Seattle to Hawaii.

Thanks, I missed this. That answers that question.