Any news on whats going on with Bouchard

The Kim is back in the River

We came in last night to avoid the Florida weather as we were anchored 14 miles off shore ST Pete.

That’s a long way to go for shelter. At least crew changes and groceries will be easier

What is your original destination beringsea56?

Saltchuk put a lowball offer in for OSG…

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We were anchored off ST Pete beach if that what your asking we are at Belle Chase anchorage now for the foreseeable future

Correct, and any blind sailor could see Centerline got the better deal in that swap of equipment but there was something both sides wanted and that’s how deals are made.
Who can say what the “Aussies” are wanting to do…honestly that sounds like a bunch of scuttlebutt.
I currently work at CLL In PNW and there’s no word of any problems, plenty of work being done and we are staying quite busy.
Of course the crews sometimes can be the last to know these things, but if problems were on the horizon there would be a lot more chatter.

Agreed. Sounds like the company is doing quite well, just from the personal anecdotes that I have received…

Expect Centerline announcement within the next week or so

Those of us baby sitting the boats are being kept in the dark about any possible bidders and are reaching out to other companies for open job opportunities.

That has to suck, I really hope you’re getting paid.

Yeah we are still getting a daily wage but just sitting with zero news when we have family’s that depend on us puts the stress level up a notch


That is business, everyone has to protect their interests, and public companies have to protect their shareholders.

That’s why they gave you big raises so you would stay. But if Crowley OSG or US Shipping takes them boats you better hope you have a unlimited license and belong to the union

I have the unlimited Chief’s license, just not sure I would want to work for those companies, I already spent years at Crowley
I expect there would be a pay cut for any of those

OSG is not in an enviable position to buy anything. What few boats they do have working pay quite well. Add AMO benefits to that, ain’t too shabby. What I could read from the press releases from OSG and financial reports, an unsolicited, unnamed ,non binding offer has been mentioned to purchase them. Most think it is Saltchuk. The company that OSG spun/off divorced is strictly very large and midsize oil tankers. A sizable fleet. Nothing to do with Jones Act trade. The CEO/President of International Seaways Lois Zabrocky has been interviewed by CNBC a few times on her opinions regarding the oil market. She is pretty sharp, and a KP grad who started her career on an OMI chemical tanker. Nice job madam.

You have no worry’s, I’m sure you can work anywhere


I’m not sure what Seaways has to do with OSG or their ATB fleet. That happened many years ago.

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