Any jobs open for a os


Any jobs open for a os anywere



there are OS jobs- but not a lot- and lots of people applying. I’m an OS too and it’s been HARD to find a job! I was at 1 interview where several captains were applying!

Where have you applied?

Are you in the SIU, SUP, or IBU?

Have you applied with any of these companies-

American Cruise Lines?
American Commercial Lines?

Also- look on the Seattle, Alaska, New Orleans and other Craigslist sites- DAILY.

NOAA has occasional openings for GVA (combination of OS, Wipwer, and galley Utility) you have to register at

Also- check out the “Maritime Job Leads Thread” which is right under this thread and “G Captain Jobs” I post jobs all the time.

Good luck- be persistent- and you’ll find something!