Anti Piracy Technology Systems - Piracy can be prevented!

Dear All,

As members of the maritime community, I’m sure you recognize the
importance of protecting tremendously expensive assets, cargoes and
crews against the hazards on the high seas.

According to Reuters, there were 406 reported piracy incidents in
2009, during which 153 vessels were boarded and 120 vessels fired upon.
A total of 1,052 crew members were taken hostage, with at least 68 crew
members injured and 8 killed.* *

Balinor International ( is pleased to offer
Anti-Piracy Technology, or APT. APT effectively integrates a set of
leading-edge proprietary technologies to detect, identify, track and,
if necessary, automatically repel unwanted maritime
from a secure location, without the use of firearms.

APT is a comprehensive system that can make a real difference
in ensuring vessel safety by offering unique, high-tech,
non-lethal but effective protection to your vessels at sea.*

Among its other capabilities, APT has unique features that really
differentiate it from the systems and approaches being touted today:

[B]Long rangedetection[/B]: APT’s (96 nautical mile range)specialized
small target radar system can detect a 3.5 meter boat in 3 meter seas at 7 nautical miles, and a single
swimmer at 2.5 nautical miles.*

*[B]Long rangeidentification[/B]: Our proprietary long-range camera technology allows definitive visual identification (and recording) of vessels 10 nautical miles away in the daytime, and 5 nautical miles away at night.

[B]Intruder deterrence[/B]: APT includes (LRAD™) for communication at great distances and sonic deterrence[B] “firing” sound waves [/B]at intruders stopping them at distances of up to 1 nautical mile, Advanced[B] “dazzle”lasersystems that can inhibit an intruder’s vision[/B] at a range of 2 nautical miles, and high powered water jetsthat works in conjunction with the vessel’s fire suppression systems to prevent unwanted boarding.

*Observation, automatic targeting and automatic activation of all technologies are performed from [B]a secure location[/B], so that crew is not exposed on deck while preparing and launching their defenses.

APT offers unparalleled protection on the high seas; it is the ultimate “insurance policy” for your valuable vessels, cargoes and crews.*

Thank you for your time and interest; we will be pleased to discuss APT in detail, and provide a presentation and quotation at your convenience.

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A short video explaining how Balinor Intl LLC - Anti Piracy Technology works.