Another RFPNW thread

Nether of those courses get around the need for onboard training on a vessel over 200 tons.

Onboard training? I have 160 days on a 200 ton but does working as an os on deck count as onboard training? Or would the course with simulator and all the assessments checked off count toward full rfpnw once coupled with seatime on vessel over 200 ton. I guess my question is, if I did the course and simulator, does my sea service letter have to specify navigation watches, or can the seatime on deck with the class and simulator count? Or do I need the letter to specify?

I submitted with a normal sea letter and the assessments once I had enough time over 200 tons. No issue

Why the cg has structured this situation I dont understand. Im having the same problem. Ive had an ab special and 100ton license for like 10 years. Took the stcw bst and non lookout only rfpnw at fletcher and am still having trouble getting on as a highly qualified os. Its frustrating