Another questions about working on a drill ship

Last week i was informed that i had passed all of the requirements to be hired on as able seaman on a new drill ship. They are sending me to Mr. Charlie to roustabout school and then going to BST, which i already have since i am an AB Unlimited but they would like to have something within the last 5 years.

I was wondering how is life on a drill ship and what is it like working on a drillship as an able seaman. Thanks for any of the info you guys have.

This has been covered before but since our overlords here require me to be nice from now on I’ll answer by saying that you will never ever be on the bridge. Instead you will be running deck machinery & pumps, doing preventative maintenance, cleaning and painting, attending helicopter landings and since they are sending you the roustabout school then likely you will be handling crane loads of all sorts of everything and the other that comes and goes by supply boat.

Also, you will share a room and work the opposite tour (tower) from him vis either 0000-1200 of 1200-2400. He has the room when you are on. Some companies pay OT for work done off tour.


thanks c.captain and others for the link. Just looking forward to getting to work on a drillship

Damn C.captain!!! What an informative, non confrontational post. The vision of a kinder, gentler gcaptain is upon us…

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[QUOTE=rigdvr;113109]Damn C.captain!!! What an informative, non confrontational post. The vision of a kinder, gentler gcaptain is upon us…[/QUOTE]

be very careful what you wish for because you might just get it! Can you imagine me as some pathetically nice always helpful kind old mariner?

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I hold an Ableseafarer unlimited,its hard for me to get hired on a drillship. What are these drillship companies looking for in terms of endorsements,could someone tell me.

Even when times were good, it was difficult to get on…now it’s close to impossible unless you know someone pulling for you on a contracted ship.

What if you take the roustabout/Floorhand classes as an Ableseafarer, would that make your chances better for getting hired.

Ableseafarer help with helicopter landing on drillship,how do they get certified.

The company below is not the only trainer down in the Louisiana area, there are plenty. But it’s a pretty decent one I’ve went to several times over the years.

If you are paying for the training yourself, be ready for sticker shock, and try to make sure if there is an OPITO approved training option you get that one.

FALCK Safety Service is world leader in the business:
HQ in Denmark, but with operation in all major Offshore Oil & Gas centres.
Their training are recognized by most relevant authorities in the world.

I appreciate you took your advice I got my rigging certification Api last week.