Another Military Sealift Command thread


If you already have Able Seafarer Deck, ask the first mate to let you sail as an AB. If there is an opening (and there always is), then you’ll work and get paid as an AB. Just keep in mind that when you leave the ship you will revert back to an OS.


I guess with the shutdown, they won’t be processing applications or having new NEO classes.


Does the shutdown affect MSC operations at all? What about NEO and training?


No shut down for those already aboard a ship. NEO and training not sure. No one wants to work if they aren’t being paid. It’ll be a nice vacation for them.

Last time those on vacation lost pay. Not sure what they did for those in the pool. Not sure how that affected relief. When you are working aboard a ship already, stuff like that is not a concern. Pretty selfish thought. Now I feel like as ass.

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Haha thats great Xavier. Entry level positions are open this week!!! Don’t miss out!


FYI… AB positions opening soon…


I recently finished NEO and am wrapping up training here in NJ. If anyone has any questions feel free to ask.


Is OT usually fairly distributed between the new people on the ship vs the people thatve been there a while?


Usually. There is operational OT and general maintenance OT. There is no discrimination with Operational OT. Everyone works. Deck, however, will have different requirements for OT over Watch Standers. And you will always find a couple of ABs (do it all at any time) that seem to be picked more often for premium jobs and first picked when OT is limited. OSs get all the shitty jobs… Day workers and Watch Standers.

BMs, Fire Marshalls, and Carpenters work more OT than anyone else. They work OT even when there is none available. Never ever look at their pay handout or LES or you will be filled with shame and jealousy.

Keep in mind that MSC is not like a regular employer. While on probation and you do something wrong and get paid off the ship your employment ends. Once a person passes probation, there is no way to get rid of them. Fighting, Jumping Ship, Insubordination to the Master, Sexually Harassment, set their MMD on fire, refusing orders/assignments, refusing to work, poor work performance, showing up late for work…or not showing up at all, Being an Asshole, etc., just gets you reassigned to another ship or shipped back to the pool to wait for months for another assignment.

So you will find people aboard the ship, that if not for MSC, would be in Jail or living in a cardboard box under a bridge.


Great info Xavier.

How long do people fit for duty usually sit in the pool before being sent out?


You have people who sit for months. Even when there are shortages. Coming out of NEO I sit around for five weeks. But I also shipped out with others who were in the pool for a few days. It makes no sense. We had people pulled out of training during NEO for assignments. There is a ship deploying for duty with no OS’s, and only 3 deck ABs and 3 BMs on hand.

Makes for super big OT checks but at what costs to the individual. We had an individual jump ship the night before shifting. I guess he felt overworked. He is back in the pool waiting for another assignment.

Meanwhile, qualified personnel sits in the pool twilling their thumbs.


Can someone please tell me when the entry level positions will be opening up. Please and Thank you.


Your best bet is to call CSC directly and ask. If you haven’t, go as far as completing the IRF on the website and a recruiter may reach out to you.

Good luck.


ok cool. My profile for MSC is at 100% now im just waiting for something to open up.


How do the manning levels look for west coast ships? Is there a big need for OS or ABs there?


Has anyone been on the Sacagawea or some other kind of pre-positioning ship? How is the work load, and is there plenty of OT available?


Manning levels are the same for both coasts. Detailers will send you to the Coast/Ship that needs you. The amount of OT is dependent on ship type, Captain, schedule, and areas of operations. Some pay 12 hr days 7 days a week while others (like any East Coast Tankers sitting in Norfolk) will pay marines less than what they would make by just staying in the Pool collecting S and Q.


Just in case anyone wants to know what the West Coast pool is like, see the listed video…


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Yeah I thought union halls could get depressing…