Another Military Sealift Command thread


As far as restricted internet i cant say much but you have internet you can email facebook and the like, no netflix. After you work at least 4 months you can apply for relief after you get relieved you have 30 days or so off to go home or at least civilization. For the extra time you have to get creative with scheduling doctors appointments and your dispatcher will remember you(not in a good way).


Awesome, good information. I put in an application with them. Ive heard that MSC is an easy company to get on board with due to the high turnover but im not sure if this is true or not. Ive been a Chef for 15 years now lol and just applied with them. How long does there hiring process usually take and how good are the chances do you think? Also someone told me if you join MSC they require you to join SIU? is this true?


Also, do you have to apply for relief? Can you just stay on board as long as you like?


[QUOTE=quihgon;183657]Also, do you have to apply for relief? Can you just stay on board as long as you like?[/QUOTE]


You are not required to request leave. You may extend your tour onboard by simply not requesting relief and thereby accrue additional paid time off usable when departing the vessel.

You will become eligible for relief/vacation once you’ve completed a four-month (120-day) tour of duty. You will need to give MSC a 60-day notice if you want relief, therefore, you can request it two months after your tour begins. If you cannot get relieved on time, you may be eligible for additional compensation. When this compensation begins is based on ship assignment. CIVMARs are required to follow proper relief guidelines before they leave the ship. You’ll learn about this during New Employee Orientation (NEO).


Just had my medical and waiting for NEO date. Any people with MSC experience know if I’ll be able to apply seatime as an SU towards an AB upgrade?


Flaherlty, I also just finished my medical and just waiting for fit for hire status and get the NEO class… Got hired as an SU… I have been hearing some people who got hired in deck department OS and AB had been waiting for a year and no NEO date yet… I just hope that is not case for SU who recently got hired… since many SU are moving to other department so new SU need to fill the vacancy…


Thanks a lot for the information, Downey, I appreciate that. I’ll post if I hear anything further. Good luck with the processj


Going on a year and 7 months waiting for NEO classes to start up for ABs. Just going to keep my fingers crossed I’ll get the call soon. Has anyone heard anything about possible NEO classes starting up?


SeaMonkey, you have been waiting a year and a half… That is way too long… Have you called them lately? I wonder why they are not bringing you in yet unless they did not have any NEO for a year and a half… How long did it took you to clear Medical?.. when I called they told me about 20 days… the Doctor said my physical and lab test are all normal. I am hoping for a NEO class next month. I have friends in MSC that applied as SU they got Neo 1 or 2 months after their medical…


Yes I cleared my medical, security clearance, and drug test a year and a half ago. I call once a month but they haven’t had any NEO classes for ABs since then. I also call once a month because they told me they make a note of it in the computer. About 8 months ago someone from MSC called me to make sure I was still interested and will keep me on file. I have heard of people waiting up to two years. I just keep my fingers crossed they will call soon. Luckily I have been working on the river, but I would really like to get back on the open water. Guess I’ll just keep hanging in there.


Now I am a little worried, I accepted an offer for SU position I am hoping the case is not the same for SU… Since every year many SU are moving to deck or engine department, so the new hire SU needs to fill the vacancy… when I accepted the offer, they told me they will try to bring me in as quickly as possible… I am not sure if they tell that to everybody… I have served in the military and have veterans preference maybe that counts… you said they have not had any NEO class for AB’s, but did they say if they had NEO for other ratings like the entry level?


Hello everyone… I just got selected for the OS position (I applied October 2016) and will take my medical and drug screening soon. I was wondering how long do you think it will take from now until NEO? I am praying that it will be soon…


Mariner218, when did you accepted the job offer? I also applied in October 2016 for the entry level and was offered the SU position, I have already done my medical and physical test… I am just waiting for them to find me Fit for hire then hopefully NEO will follow soon after. I was told they will try to bring me in as quickly as possible, did they tell you the samething?


I think entry level and OS’s are needed and start pretty quick. I asked if I should re apply as an OS but the lady I spoke with didn’t recommend it because I am and unlimited AB. After waiting a year and a half I sort of wish I went that route.


James Downey, I accepted the offer yesterday. The lady said they would try to bring me in as quick as possible but advised me not to quit my job yet. Unfortunately because I am a contractor working overseas I have no choice but to quit so I can return to the states to conduct my Medical/Drug screening. If there is a long wait for NEO hopefully I will find something to fill the gap rather than dig into my savings. Seamonkey, I can’t believe they would make you wait that long. Hearing your story makes me worried as well.


Seamonkey, you should just ask them to take you in as an OS if that is possible so you can start NEO right away… and just apply for AB promotion once you are in, instead of waiting too long… plus if there is an available AB billet on a ship you can ask the chiefmate to temporarily sail as an AB…


Mariner218, my situation is almost the same as yours, I worked in a remote area where communication is very limited good thing it was a seasonal job and it just ended right before I got the job offer a month ago… I already finished my medical and drug test… the doctor said everything was normal and I should be good to go… I am just waiting for their call to find me FIt for hire… I am hoping they will have NEO next month… I am anxiously waiting for that phone call…


Jamesdowney, for some reason gcaptain won’t let me make more than 3 posts because I’m a new user so I’m editing this one. My eQip cleared and I recently completed my drug test. My physical is scheduled for the end of this month. I’m still hoping to make it to the November NEO. Have you heard anything yet?


mariner218, I think If your medical exam do not get cancelled that means your eqip went through… I did my medical 2 weeks after completing eqip… . so they said they have NEO class in November? What about October??, Did they say how often they have NEO class? I heard from other once a week or once every 2 weeks… that is not good if they do not have class in december… I am really hoping to get one next month…


Mariner218, seamonkey6969, guys any update on your status? I called MSC a few days ago they told me I am fit for hire and should just wait for my NEO class.