An interesting web article on DP

I found this article hereand found it quite informative. Very good for a non DP maritime person get a basic understanding of the fundimentals.

I also want to ask exactly how many manufacturers of DP systems are there these days? Not too many years ago, it was Kongsberg, Alstom and Nautronics. Kongsberg is still Kongsberg, Alstom is Coverteam & Nautronics is now L3 plus there are a slew of others who are emerging from behind the woodwork. Who has worked with these systems?


Beier Radio and MT are two other DP systems. I’ve worked with MT DP 2 and Kongsberg DP 1. Both systems seem about the same in ease of use but this is not a fair comparision. I’d no idea there were som many systems!!

Didn’t the Beyer system become the Navis system?

Also, I have never heard of the MT system…I’m going to do a websearch to check them out. Which vessel did you work on which had it?

Updated list of DP system manufacturers

Kongsberg-(ex Simrad, ex Albatros)
L3-(ex Nautronics, ex Honeywell)
Converteam-(ex Alstom, ex Cegelec)
Navis-(ex Beyer Radio)
Marine Technolgies
Rolls Royce

and this site showing how to program your own DP system


Thank last site is pretty interesting
Great link!