An interesting article about Florida pilots

State harbor pilots earn average annual compensation of $369,000, according to a study sponsored by the Florida Alliance of Maritime Organizations. That’s far more than professions with similar responsibilities, such as ship captains ($230,000) and airline captains (up to $225,000), the group says.

Now I have to ask…WHERE IN THE NAME OF GOD IS THERE A MERCHANT MARINE MASTER MAKING $230K?!? Isn’t that something like $1500/day?

[B]Here’s what the local paper put out…[/B]

[B][U]The high cost of bringing the biggest boats to port[/U][/B]

I remember a few years back reading an article, that an American rookie 3rd mate on gas carrier, under US flag can make around 150 K.
Which is better then a rookie lawyer starting pay.

I remember sailing in Florida ports in the early 90’s on tankers and hearing the “urban legend” stories of how much money these pilots were making. The articles confirm the the stories. I am a firm believer of fair wages for a fair days work. Current industry pay averages for unlimited masters run between $120k and $150k plus bennies. 3 times that is a steep request and blatantly greedy. We all pay for it in the cost of goods. These Florida pilots need a dose of reality.

Sadly this is where I live and ordinary folks round here just don’t understand why I just don’t get a job as a pilot. Ha! if it where only that easy. Just a thought, I probably know Tampa Bay waters here better than the pilots who only know the shipping lanes. :stuck_out_tongue:

These guys (and Girl) have been on about pay for years. It gets old when lower level mariners like myself cannot even make a fraction of what they earn for much more “actual” work. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t begrudge anyone earning a living, but I know what these guys actually work. I can’t even get a job running the pilot boat, that too is for friends of the pilots. Not that it pays so well.

I need a raise, and not that penny ante 4% cost of living bs either, at minimum, if there is any justice in the world, I should get at least 400%.