American Maritime Officers Union Membership

Hi, I’m a newly graduated 3rd A/E and I’ve got myself into a bit of a pickle.

A few months back I applied for membership to AMO, and about two weeks ago I found a pretty good billet working with Crowley, but it doesn’t start until February. I’ve already started the process with working for them (physical done, etc.). The money is good and I need a job, so I’ve taken them up on the opportunity. But now, I’ve learned of another job that’s available for Sea Drill that may be even better, I don’t quite have all the details about it but it looks promising so far. I’m kind of unsure as to what I should do, but as of now Sea Drill at least has my information, and I’m assuming I should make an ultimate decision sooner rather than later. What would you guys recommend doing? I know that oil is in a bit of a downturn, and I don’t really want to sour my relationship with AMO (especially with not being a full member right now), but a career on a drill ship is very enticing, hence my predicament.