American Marine Corporation

Anyone on here have an experience with or insight on these guys? Specifically to tug side of the operation. From the website it looks like they have a handful of tugs on contract work on the east, gulf, and pacific coasts. thanks.

i know that they are looking for people all the time. I had at one point talked to a woman in HR who wanted me to work for them as a mate. Pay is pretty low i believe mate pay was 265 a day. I also have another friend who worked as a mate with them and did not have the greatest experience. Although in these times it is hard to turn anything down.

Yea, it seems like they’re looking to fill a lot of positions, which is why i’m wondering about other’s experience with them…and the chance of a regular relief if i do go with them. They mentioned a bit of a scale for mate pay
($265-400 depending on experience), but it did seem on the low end.

I wonder if they are the old American Marine out of Houston. They had a bunch of old tugs with Fairbanks Morse OPs.

Remember, Google is your friend:

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I didn’t look close enough at their website the first time. Some of the tug names are the same. Paint schemes on the tugs are the same.

No OPs. I guess that’s a sure sign Buster Hennesey is no longer with us.

That difference would be if you are an actual experienced Mate/Master, or someone with 30 days and a TOAR who is going to be a autopilot mate. Not all companies operate alike. Some refuse to let the mate actually handle the boat… At all.

Figured I’d chime in since I actually worked here.

I worked for them as an AB back in 2003. They had a contract with Bean Dredging and we were working in the NY/New Jersey area. At the time their employment contract was with the SIU and in my opinion it wasn’t the best of contracts. One of the reasons I left this job was because it was taking forever for my insurance to kick in, and I got offered more money somewhere else. Your pay was eight hours of straight time, then the next four were called premium pay, which added another 30 cents or so. Then after twelve you got time and a half.

And a funny thing, six years later I was running mate on a supply boat and saw the tug I worked on for them tied up in Port Fourchon. I assumed off contract because they were stacked along with about 30 other tugs.

One good thing about them was at the time at least they paid travel 100%,. Hope this helps! I see it’s been over six months since your post so it probably doesn’t matter now. =)

…after six months here… pay is low compared to what you can get elsewhere. it’s all contract work, so the work is varied(+) but a regular schedule is a pipe dream(-). three tugs in this division, combination of ocean tows and dredge work. in the last year this boat has been to the east, gulf, west coasts, Africa, Caribbean, Mexico. they’re always looking for people. might be a good fit for a young single person lookin to build experience. not so good for somebody with family. benefits kick in after 90 days. they pay travel, but only 1 bag. it is what it is. other tugs have gone to guam, Hawaii, dredging on both coasts of Mexico.

I did a relief AB gig with them on the NY harbor dredge job. Didn’t have to join SIU because I was only there 28 days. Got paid $192 per 12 hour day. They paid travel.