American Council on Education-Still an approved QSS for the USCG?

Probably a question for Mr.Cavo…
Any ideas?



Yes, as are DNV and ABs.

So why don’t foreign courses approved by DNV satisfy the USCG? Does COMDTINST 16721.1 have someting to do with it?<font size="3] </font>

DNV can only act on behalf of the US Coast Guard, they have to do only what the USCG would do. If the USCG won’t approve a foreign course, DNV can’t do it on the Coast Guard’s behalf. The Commandant Instruction you cite is oversight of approved training, and thast is the reason the Coast Guard won’t approve training that is not gi=ven in the US or its territories, or ona US flag vessel.

I was wondering how often the American Council on Education gets selected by training centers as a QSS.? It seems as though the contact info for the (ACE) on the USCG website is quite outdated. I assume both ABS and DNV are the more popular choices as far as QSS selection is concerned.
I see where you are coming from Jeffrox concerning DNV satisfying USCG requirements; I do see things from the USCG’s point of view as well. I’m pretty sure MCA wouldn’t just let DNV act as their sole provider of site approvals and instruction.
It seems like it would maybe be a good idea in the future to have something like a “white” list of governments that the USCG would accept training certificates from; maybe even if it was only the MCA. Some kind of coordination between MCA and USCG would seem to help our mariners who are global and cannot train at a US facility.

Organizations have to request approval from the Coast Guard to be a QSS, the Coast Guard doesn’t “select” them. See NVICs 7-97, and 9-01,
At one time Lloyd’s was also a QSS, but they allowed their approval to lapse.