Alternate hold loading

can any one clarfy me on these doubts, i am going for exams for masters(fg)

  1. if my stability booklet says i can do alternate hold loading, can i proceed with that or have any latest restrictions on it
  2. can a master rise non conformity
    3.can a ship have two flag states i.e. one by the owner and other by operator
    4.if a ship has two flags who will issue document of compliance

i have many more doubts, can u please help me out… my exam on dec 3rd

  1. Someone with more experience with carrying bulk cargo would be a better resource, but I believe that, if your stability booklet/loading manual says alternate hold loading is okay, then you should be fine. Put another way: alternate hold loading requires approval from class, as does your loading manual, so presumably that would cover you.
  2. I think you’re talking about a non-conformity under the ISM system, in which case, yes, the master is perfectly within his rights to write up a non-conformity if he so wishes.
    3 and 4. No ship can sail under more than one flag at one time.

Hope this helps. Good luck!