Almost here

my 1600 ton Master 3000 ITC is under medical review,that means it is almost here. Can Not wait to be able to knock on the big guys doors and start a new company with a bright future:):slight_smile:

I just got approved to test myself, same ticket.

sweet, I already tested when I got my 500 ton Master, I was just lacking the tonnage for the 1600 ton. Good luck on the testing it feels so good when you walk out of the coast guard station with it all behind you

I’m testing now. Chart plot tomorrow and I am done! Good luck gentlemen. I will keep you in my prayers for a fast and easy process.

Congratulations, stick.

And good luck,Yankee Traitor and captain76!

The best to all three of you.

Knock it out, that’s the easy one bro!

Chart plot really is my favourite. Could take those all day.

Funny when I took my first round of exams ever that was the toughest module it seemed, then rules seemed to take over.

Meanwhile, While I thought I was done testing I will probably have to go through one more round. Bummers. Reckon I may appeal on this one.

Good luck, a few years ago i found the master 500/1600 exams easier with the exception of celestial which wasn’t really harder but had different subjects than the mates. Lapware came through again.

Just finished and passed this morning! Thank you for the best wishes and prayers!