Allied bought by Kirby?

116 million. Any truth to rumor?

Very true. I left Allied about 4 months ago, so I am still on the email list. Just read the letter from Jeff Parker (ops man) to the fleet and Kirby has indeed bought Allied. At this rate we will all be working for Kirby. Seems like they are heading towards a monopoly doesnt it?

A friend who works (worked) for Allied confirmed it to me.

If I was smart enough to know how, I would post the letter on here for you guys. Let me work on it.

Its true I work for Kirby Offshore which was formerly K-sea.

Holly smokes! Where is kirby getting all of this money from???

Aliied is a big outfit with lots of atbs and they do oil and dry bulk.

Allied was a big company, but I’m pretty sure they are much smaller now.

7 tugs, 13 barges or something like that.

Kirby Corporation (NYSE:KEX) announced Tuesday that it has entered into an agreement to purchase tug and barge operator Allied Transportation Company for $116 million.

The deal includes the transfer of assets from Allied Transportation Company, a subsidiary of Allied Marine Industries, and two other affiliated companies. Allied is an operator of offshore barges and tugboats dealing in the coastal transportation of petrochemicals, as well as dry sugar products, in the Northeast, Atlantic and Gulf Coast regions of the United States.

Allied’s fleet consists of 10 coastwise tank barges with a total liquid capacity of 680,000 barrels, three offshore dry-bulk barges with a total capacity of 48,000 deadweight tons, and seven tugboats.

Kirby says that the purchase will be financed through the company’s revolving credit facility that was increased last week from $250 million to $325 million. The closing of the Allied transaction is expected to occur in the late third or early fourth quarter of 2012 and is subject to certain conditions, including expiration of the required waiting period under the Hart-Scott-Rodino Act, Kirby says.

Joe Pyne, Kirby’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, commented, “We are very pleased to announce our agreement with Allied. Operating as a U.S. Jones Act carrier primarily in the offshore petrochemical business, Allied has one of the most complementary coastal fleets to Kirby’s existing coastal and inland operations. In addition to enhancing Kirby’s ability to expand and strengthen certain existing customer relationships, the acquisition of Allied provides Kirby with a strong footprint from which to grow the petrochemical segment of our offshore business.”

Kirby Corporation, based in Houston, Texas, is the nation’s largest domestic tank barge operator representing approximately 27% of the U.S. inland tank barge capacity with a fleet of 818 tank barges and 240 towboats.

Today’s purchase announcement is the latest in Kirby’s historically agressive acquisition strategy. In 2011 alone the company completed the purchase of Seaboats, Inc., K-Sea Transportation Partners, and United Holdings LLC., as well as 21 inland and offshore tank barges and 15 inland towboats and offshore tugboats from Enterprise Marine Services LLC.

Besides the couple new boats. There tugs and barges are straight trash. Used to tow the sugar express and the johnathon on the sugar runs. And the barges were terrible

I was on the ATB combo Osprey and ATC25. It was pretty damn nice, with the exception of its cargos (Phenol, Acetone and Cumine) . But your right, a lot of the other equipment was so so.

Oh, man. They get the ex SEA SKIMMER/DIXIE COMMANDER back. . . .

[QUOTE=cmakin;81177]Oh, man. They get the ex SEA SKIMMER/DIXIE COMMANDER back. . . .[/QUOTE]

Funny how life tends to come full circle and them bit you right on the ass!!!

Dont know what the guys where making at Allied but kirby-sea wages could be an improvement ?? Rumor we have heard is that Kirby moving equipment down to
Norfolk and Houston to do away with any future union involvement ??? There is a ton of boats still stacked in thier yard so who knows, quite a few of them are for sale on I predict the next victim to be… Vane brothers… see to much of thier stuff sitting, heard they tied up 4 tugs and 4 barges here a while ago…
Its funny on crew change day to see a pile of gear on the back deck that says k-sea on it, i know alot of the good guys are jumping now while jobs are out there.

Vane has lots of equipment, but the way Kirby is going why not? Who knows maybe Bouchard is next or Moran’s tank barge division or Reinauher even. I was hoping to make a move to fuel barges once I get my 500 ton but if this keeps up I might stay where im at. Everything I hear says Kirby doesnt pay worth a crap.

Is there any truth to the rumour I’ve heard about Kirby buying Dann Marine Towing?

That would be surprising as Dann Marine doesnt have their own oil barges and mostly pushes Vane Bros barges and BG&E coal barges, they also have few boats over 2000hp. They do have a few of their own cement barges however.

[QUOTE=cmakin;81177]Oh, man. They get the ex SEA SKIMMER/DIXIE COMMANDER back. . . .[/QUOTE]

That is funny, because that is the second boat they got back of there own. They got the old Dixie avenger back, now the Pacific Avenger, the commander, and if Allied still owns the old Dixie Progress, now the Heron, they will get that tub back as well. Can any one say “IRONY”

Allied does not own the Dixie Avenger, or Pacific Avenger. The boat is in Los Angeles right now loading…with a Kirby barge. Boat was owned by Sea Coast after Dixie, then K Sea now Kirby. The boat was never owned by Allied??

Nvermind…get what your saying now. So Kirby owns what Dixie became?