Alco 251E V12 oil capacity

What’s the chances anyone knows what the oil capacity of an old Alco 251E V12 is? I’ve got specifications down to the weight of the head bolts, but nowhere does it list oil capacity…

If you are on board with that engine(s) maybe go back through the logs to see if the quantity used was recorded during the last servicing?

I found this information for the 251B & 251C which says 170 Gallons.

Specifications of Alco 251B and 251C engines

Cylinders: 12, “V” configuration
Cylinder bore 9" (229mm)
Stroke 10½" (267mm)
Maximum power 1950hp (1455kW)
Power available for traction 1800hp (1343kW)
Displacement (131 462cc)
Compression ratio 13:1
Engine speed 400 rpm at idle; max 1000rpm
Rotation Clockwise from turbo-supercharger end
Cylinder numbering Right and left from turbo-supercharger end
Lubricating oil capacity 170 gallons (773 litres)
Weight (dry) 32,300lbs (14 651kg)

Sectioned diesel engine - MAAS Collection

Thanks, I appreciate it! I’ve looked online until my eyes hurt, and looked through the logs, but didn’t come up with anything.

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