Alaska Seeking Two Maritime Instructors

The Alaska Maritime Training Center (AVTEC) located in Seward, Alaska is seeking two Maritime Instructors. One position is for the Department Head. This is a State of Alaska job. There is a requirement for the candidate to be an Alaska resident; however, if no suitable candidate that meets the state residency requirement is found then the job will be reposted for non-residents. Time as an officer on vessels over 200GRT (or equivalent military service) is required to meet the USCG requirements for instructors. Courses being taught would be across the spectrum from BT, to RADAR, ECDIS, Adv. Firefighting, etc. etc.

Remember to keep checking back to see if the job is reposted with the Alaska residency requirement removed.

Can you post the actual link for the job posting?

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The jobs for maritime instructor just closed and at least one will be reposted again because no qualified Alaska residents applied. The State of Alaska ensures that we make a real effort to recruit Alaska residents, and only after the job is posted several times with the Alaska resident requirement is the job eventually posted for non-residents.