Alaska Ranger - NTSB Report

Click HERE for the NTSB report regarding the sinking of the Alaska Ranger.

Required reading for anyone who sails.

As you know, I have read this report and, without revealing specific client discussions, I can state that the USCG findings regarding the Fish Master’s actions in relation to the endangerment of the Ranger and in relation to the interaction with the Captain are inconsistent with the facts as I know them.

Steve, I’m not at all surprised to learn that. I had heard rumors of the same. An incident, some would call a fight, on the dock once between the fish master and the Captain is something I have heard discussed.

A whitewash, perhaps?

I’m not sure what this guy’s end game is. He’s pointing the finger at the company, but there didn’t seem to be anything in there about him suing. Already receiving settlement from FC of AK. Anyway, on the 10th anniversary. R.I.P.

A decade after the sinking of the Alaska Ranger, a survivor changes his story

Posted new link to NTSB report. Earlier one is dead end.