Alaska Marine Highway?

Has anyone sailed for them? Did you like it? Thanks for your responses in advance.

I did a year and liked it. Mates need federal pilotage for the routes–contact Juneau REC for details. It takes a big investment of time and effort. Also they have an active hawsepipe, many of the mates come up inside the company. It is very seasonal and takes a long time to get established and working regularly. I’d be surprised if they’re hiring right now.

Never worked for them, but was offered a Pilot Observer position with them about 10 years ago. They won’t hire you as a mate until you have the pilotage for all the routes. But they will let you ride the ferries space available as a Pilot Observer to get the required number of trips to sit for exam. Unfortunately, it is an unpaid position so it can be kind of challenging. It never worked for my schedule, which is too bad because I really did want to work for them.