Alaska Cruise Ship Waiver

True…and many have had to lay off because of it.

Its really easy to be quick to tell someone tough shit, find another career…unless you’ve personally had to do it.

I think this site is filled with people who have had to do just that, move on to other work.

So what? That doesn’t make it any easier of a pill to swallow.

After someone has spent a couple decades investing in themselves and is finally making a decent income, its a slap in the face to have to start all over. Especially with a family to support. What’s your answer to that? Stay living at home and get a vasectomy?

One of the problems with the cruise industry is when the tail begins wagging the dog. When the various “destinations” become so dependent on that money that the cruise lines make demands that ultimately change the character of those places. All they have to do is threaten to no longer go there and the concessions are made.

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Thanks Chief. You comment precisely describes what drives those who support or defend the industry.

If we are shutting down the cruise industry, may as well shut down the power plants as well. Power plants are currently the dominant emitters of mercury (50 percent), sulfur dioxide (60 percent), acid gases (over 75 percent) and arsenic (62 percent) in the United States. They are also a significant source of emissions of greenhouse gases (34 percent) and nitrogen oxides (13 percent). Most of these emissions come from coal- and oil-fired power plants. All of your focus on a small segment in a large industry is narrow sighted.

[Clock begins to run on Jughead reply to thread that began about Alaska cruse ship waivers…]

We all need power. Absolutely no person on this planet needs a cruise ship.

The world existed without cars and cellphones for a long time too. Should we get rid of them?

Oh, wait, i get it. Cruise ships are a luxury, therefore their environmental impact should be done away with. Ok, air conditioning is a luxury. Should we get rid of that? How about eating beef or lobster. Swimming pools? What else pisses you off that we should just eradicate it off the planet?

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So peoples happiness, is not something we need?

Sadly, no, you don’t.

May as well get rid of Disney Land while we are at it, and all amusement parks. The amount of plastics and paper produced from food products there, are probably the reason for the deforestation of the rainforest.

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Nor do you…but that’s ok. We are both entitled to our opinions.

Give him time. It’s already tomorrow where he is. It’ll be there when you check in the morning. Sort of like if the tooth fairy or santa claus left a turd in your stocking or under your pillow.

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Go browse for the definitions of strawman fallacy and red herring. If you are going to keep linking amusement parks and happiness with the very real argument against massive cruise ships disgorging thousands of people, please find another outlet.

ctony/steamer. I worked a big cruise ship once… i don’t think i’d do it again. yes, those people walking around Ketchikan and places … for many it’s their only view of Alaska. (such as it is!) but i’ve seen all that, and i wasn’t a store owner. like steamer, for me it just made things crowded and i’m a bigger fan of smaller ships but what’cha gonna do? i only commented cuz there were only ten replies … but after reading over 50 i had to say something !!

Maybe by Dr.Dick Chopp, if you are living in Austin Tx.


So to be clear, you are ok with the entire tourism industry, you just hate the cruise ships. You even specifically said, you don’t mind the ferries or planes or trains.

I live in Hawaii. I am intimately aware of the damage an over saturated tourism economy can do to any location. It can be (in my state’s case it is) unsustainable.

But I fail to understand how your logic resolves tourism in general but hates the platform by which they get there. Even without the cruise ships, you have sewage, garbage, traffic, etc from the tourists. You don’t seem to mind the ferry’s discharges into the water and air, or is it a question of volume?? If there were ten times as many ferry’s operating constantly to meet the pent up demand, would that change the math in your mind?

There are many “isolationists” here in Hawaii, too. The magic they fail to understand is there is a connection between the tax revenues that industry provides and the lifestyle local residents enjoy and our State gov’t provides to those residents here.

I wonder if you support the energy industry in Alaska? Or did that change after the VALDEZ accident? I wonder how many Alaskans gave back all that money the oil majors had to pay them for years, from crude oil exports, after the VALDEZ puked up all her cargo? My guess? None.