Aid to Gaza by sea

Yes, and Israel did exactly what Hamas wanted them to do in response.

Oh, you think the US should send assassins to Dubai to killing the Hamas leaders living the high life there?

What about the Hamas leaders and their enablers in Iran?

What would you have had the Israelis do instead?

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No, but that’s what will happen if Hamas attacks US forces.

Not commit genocide by indiscriminately killing Palestinian civilians.

If the death of Palestinians in Gaza is genocide, then the Allied war against Germany and Japan in WW2 was genocide. 100,000s of civilians were bombed, firebombed, and nuked, not to mention starved. So either we tighten up on the definition of the word “genocide” or we begin rewriting history books.


Tell that to the children that is dying, their parents and grand parents, if any of them are still alive.
This isn’t a blamegame, it is deadly serious and urgent.

We will only know IF AND WHEN that happen. Meanwhile little children are dying of starvation.
What is most important in your opionion; saving innocent children NOW, or worrying about what MAY HAPPEN to men who are armed and able to shoot back, sometime in the future??

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Maybe your heros in Hamas should lay down their arms and allow aid shipments in then.

Gaza could be a goldmine with its Mediterranean beaches and climate, but Hamas has decided to make it into a terror state instead.


It’s impossible to win a war without killing a lot of civilians.

Even more so, when fighting terrorists using civilians as human shields.

Hamas and Iran are waging war against the US just as much as they are against Israel. We shouldn’t take the bait in Gaza.

If Europe wants to send aid to Gaza, that’s fine, but the US should stay completely out of Gaza.

Egypt has the ability to easily get a lot of aid into Gaza, and to take in a lot of Gazan refugees. But they don’t do it. The truth is that Egyptians have no love for the troublesome Gazans, or Hamas, and would prefer to see Israel kill them all.


Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and every other Arab state. The Iranians don’t even want them, but the Iranians do use them as a weapon.

The Abraham accords were bringing Israel and many of the influential Arab states to the table and on speaking terms, now talks have all but ended.


One thing we learned from our war in Iraq: Muslim terrorists do not follow the Geneva convention. They deliberately use civilians as human shields, and civilian structures as military infrastructure.

Just finished a book on the Battle of Fallujah: We Were One by Patrick O’Donnell. Same thing. Urban warfare against terrorists. If you want to learn how the present war is being prosecuted I suggest reading it. But it’s pretty grim.


I do not see Hamas as heros, as you well know. That is an unnecessary insult!!

I have seen enough of suffering from wars to know and understand what it is like in Gaza at the moment.
When you have seen scens like what come out of Gaza now in real life, not on TV, you cannot but say; STOP THIS MADNESS.

If is not the Hamas Commander or even soldiers that is starving in Gaza, but the civilian population (and maybe the least valuable Israeli hostages)
Collective punishment is against the UN Charter and International Law:

Ramadan starts tomorrow. That is a good time to open the gates and let the aid convoys in so the innocent civilan population in Gaza can eat their “liftar” and maybe save some children in the process.

Maybe not as elaborate as this liftar meal for refugees in UNHCR care:

Source: What is Iftar? How refugees break fast during Ramadan
But at least a few hundred calories per person to keep them alive unitil the world come to it’s senses.


Aid ship soon under way from Cyprus, heading to Gaza:

Aid ship “Open Arms” is a former AHT:

PPS> 00:00 hrs.CET 10.03.24: Still in port at Larnaca according to AIS.

It’s not Hamas blocking the aid.

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I didn’t think it would be genocide but it would be illegal under modern rules of war.

This sounds like a job for European short sea shipping and associated mariners. This should strictly be a European operation.

It’s going to be a thankless operation for whoever does it.


The US military advisors in Israel tried to advise the Israeli government on how to proceed but the Israelis were dead set on making the same mistakes we made in Iraq despite our advice.

Yeah maybe the US should have killed 30k civilians after Israel’s terrorist attack on the USS Liberty.

Or maybe the USA believe it or not is a more morally grounded people.

Israeli genocidal policies are reflective of Nazi Germany. You think for a people whose grand parents or great grandparents experienced a holocaust they would have some humility or morals.

Instead they steal Palestinian land, kill Palestinians without recourse, and push the Palestinians into modern day ghettos.

Netanyahu is a brutal dictator. Bombing Gaza f while he hides in his friend’s billionaire dollar mansion. He needed this conflict to distract everyone from changing the constitution and securing power. He’s a murderous thug that god will punish one day.


I suspect that while the US may construct and manage the port, the ships and aid delivery will from a "coalition " of vessels from other states, maybe Islamic or neutral states to reduce their target potential.

Shhhh…saying USS Liberty is not allowed. Huge effort by an odd assembly of US and Israeli interests to just erase the whole affair.