Affordable 'pay by month' housing in Houston

Hi all,

I’m currently working for a mud boat company in GOM and am looking to become a deep sea applicant at MEBA starting when I get off my current hitch in June. I have a few questions I’d appreciate any input on:

  1. While waiting out the board for a job, I’ll have to stay somewhere. Does anyone have any ideas where I could find decently priced short term (hopefully not longer than 6 weeks) housing in the Houston area? Preferrably in West/Southwest Hou?

  2. Does anyone has any input regarding MEBA vs. AMO? My understanding is MEBA has a better pension, less corruption, and better pay, but is harder to get a job.

  3. I just upgraded to 2nd Asst. Eng.-Unlim. Will this help me get a job faster since I can bid on jobs that a lot of other Group III folks can’t?

ANY input at all regarding sailing with a deep sea Union would be appreciated as I have never done it.