Adv. Firefighting endorsement

Is the USCG no longer issuing this endorsement?

Today I received my letter to test.
I sent in my application with 3 requests:

  1. Renew medical certificate
  2. Approval to test for 500grt master NC
  3. Add Adv. Firefighting to credential.

With my application I also included the course completion certificate. So…did I not word it correctly on application or do I need to call the NMC and see what’s up?

What makes you think they’re not issuing it?

I received the renewed med cert and the letter to test and according to their application status program, everything was issued with no reference to the endorsement.

Since you put them both on the same application they’re not going to issue the adv ff endorsement until you pass the exam you’re approved for then give you everything you asked for at once.

So…I need to test in order to receive not only my upgrade, but my Adv FF endorsement?

Something stated wouldve been nice but that makes sense.

No, you don’t need to test in order to get it. If you want it immediately email them requesting they issue it first. If it counts as an STCW endorsement it’s free.

Also, if you want to make sure they didn’t forget it email them and confirm that they’re at least going to issue it with your new MMC after you pass your test.

That’s good to know. Thanks.