Adrift sailboat:Tunante II

We need all the help that you can give us. We are looking foward a adrift sailboat:Tunante II .
"The search of the TUNANTE II sailboat that is adrift in the South Coast of Brazil, since August 26 , no mast, no sail- The Navy of Brazil and Brazil air force collaborate in the search for the boat. The harrowings reach a radius of 800 kilometres. The search area moves according to the wind and current, Brazilian authorities have hopes of finding survivors. The Chief of staff of the Naval command of fifth district Luís Filipe Rabello Freire realized version of that sailboat sailing to Africa ​
The sailboat TUNANTE II, don`t have transponder neither mmsi. Maybe you have de possibility to advice about the search and communicate with your contacts, probably somehow they can assist. Anyway, can you spread the information between them? We have a campaign in TOMNOD.COM : Save The Tunante. Thank you, , and excuse my basic english.