ADM acquires 5 cargo ships

According to an Oct. 15 report from the Associated Press, Agribusiness leader Archer Daniels Midland Co. said it has acquired five cargo ships to help it transport grain worldwide with greater flexibility and at lower cost than outside carriers.

(Source: Associated Press)

Does anyone have more details on this? Are they US flagged? How they are being crewed? etc…

Wow, wish they hire own people…and they will be blessed…

I wouldn’t get my hopes up.

I work for a division of ADM called ART CO i will ask around and see what i can find out.

Ok. I inquired and was told this was strickly rumor. ADM is possibly going to sell 2 of the five. They are currently being crewed by an outside company. However in the last few years they have hired several kings point gads for port captains and engineers. The rumor is ADM will be crewing those vessels under the U.S. Flag. Most likely will be non union as ADM Is predominately non union. If I find out more and can confirm more I will pass it on.

Not likely at all. They didn’t buy those ships so Americans would have jobs.

They will be very happy to use them to transport taxpayer subsidized food aid grain exports and buy foreign grain for the backhauls. At least they will until we no longer have salaries to pay taxes on or farmers to supply the grain.

My crystal ball shows them undercutting Libery Maritime until they go broke then raising the cost to the taxpayer well above what Liberty was charging for Americans to haul American food aid paid for by your taxes.

It’s been more than a few years, but going on memory. In the mid 90s, ADM was a leading proponent of doing away with the Jones Act. One of their many complaints was that the transport of gov’t subsidized grain to 3rd world countries should be open to bid. IE, doing away with subsidized US flag ships from getting cargo preference. This is despite that the US flag ships carried less than 3% of said cargoes. This was a huge fight amongst the trade unions to maintain the US flag merchant marine.

agreed…very doubtful that this will benefit US mariners…adm has been party to shipping pl480 cargo’s on foreign vessels through corporate/political manipulation for years!!

ADM has no other choice than hiring American inside of U.S. territory.
Good for KP grads…

But I doubt ADM would hire American unless they receive heck of benefits
from Uncle Sam for that…

How do you get in contact with their marine division for their tugs?? Anyone got any contact info?

Here is the Phone number for the Personel office in St. Louis MO For Art Co. which is the ADM Marine Division for the inland waterways. 877-492-5939