Adhd medicine on a cruise ship

Forgive me if this forum isn’t the place to ask this but I have accepted a position with Carnival Cruise Line and am wondering if anyone knows if you’re able to work onboard if you take adhd medication? Will it pass the medical tests before joining the ship?
If anyone could point me into the right direction I would greatly appreciate it :slight_smile:

Musicians are not part of the crew that operates the ship so they are not held to the same state mandated physical standards. If you’re able to participate in emergency drills, you should be fine.

“A physical examination is required for all team members before they are allowed to commence shipboard duties. Our medical team has approved a number of facilities that are certified to complete a Carnival Medical. You are responsible for scheduling your own medical appointment, along with all costs. The cost of your medical will not be reimbursed.”

The answer to your question and many more here: