Hi Guys,
We are looking for Ad-Hoc Master to join a dive support vessel. candidate must be in possession of Master Unlimited ticket, Survival, Seafarer Medical and Full DP Ticket.

Work location is Trinidad.

Brief out line of Roles and Responsibilities are:
In addition to theauthorities, responsibilities and duties outlined below, the Master hasspecific duties under the ISM code. These duties are as follows:

· Implementingthe safety and environmental-protection policy of the Company
· Motivatingthe crew in the observation of that policy
· Issuingappropriate orders and instructions in a clear and simple manner
· Verifyingthat specified requirements are observed
· Reviewingthe safety management system and reporting its deficiencies to the shore-basedmanagement
[B] [/B][B]Authorities[/B][B][/B] · Overridingoperational authority and responsibility to make decisions with respect tosafety and pollution prevention and to request assistance from shore basedmanagement as may be necessary
· Overridingauthority to veto the start or order the termination of project operationsincluding diving
· Authorityto stop any unsafe activity
· Authorityto assign special duties to the crew
[B] [/B][B]Responsibilities[/B][B][/B][B] [/B]· Responsible for the safe and timely execution ofproject related operations as required by the vessel Client [B][/B]· Responsiblefor all marine operations, safety of the crew and vessel
· Responsiblefor the health, safety and welfare of all personnel working on the vessel, forthe protection of the environment and for ensuring that the companies HS&Eand Drug & Alcohol Policies are understood and implemented
· Responsiblefor overall hygiene quality control of the vessel
· Responsiblefor maintaining order and discipline
· Responsiblefor the co-ordination of vessel movements, including surveying, DP, anchoringand auxiliary vessel activities (such as supply vessels, anchor handling tugsor other vessel movements)
· Responsiblefor vessel communications, warehousing, medical facilities, catering, hotelactivities and vessel house keeping activities
· Responsiblefor the seaworthiness and /or stability of the vessel. In the event of an emergency endangering theseaworthiness or stability of the vessel or risk of death or serious injury,the Master has the authority to take whatever measures deemed necessary toremedy the situation
· Responsiblethrough delegation to all other crew members or other related sub-contractorsfor all ancillary services for the safe and efficient operation of the vessel
· Responsible,to efficiently manage the ships discipline and subcontractors, resulting in thegeneral up-keep and maintenance of the vessel and its equipment
· Responsiblefor maintaining both Company and Client administrative documentation, emergencyprocedures, written instructions and the vessel Safety Management System
· Responsiblefor preparation and/or submission of logbooks, daily records, maintenancerecords and permits in accordance with the Operations Manual.
· Responsiblefor compliance with all safety regulations pertaining to the safe operations ofthe vessel
· Responsiblefor the investigation of any marine related incident, the completion of anIncident Review and Analysis Report and the implementation of any correctiveaction
· Responsibleto ensure the upkeep of the chemical substances register, and the compliancewith COSHH legislation
· Responsiblefor regular Master’s reviews of the Safety Management System (SMS)
· Responsiblefor planning and conducting safety and emergency drills
· Responsiblefor ensuring the implementation of the company’s environmental protectionpolicy
· Responsibleto ensure that the ISPS Code Ship Security Plan is implemented

[B] [/B]
· Ensurethat all personnel familiarize themselves with those parts of the VesselManuals that are applicable to their function
· In theevent that the Master uses his authority to deviate from Company Procedures,the Master shall as soon as practicable, report in writing to management ashorethe specific deviation and the reason for it

If interested please get back to me with CV and day-rate expectations and if suitable I can forward to my client.

Due to strict visa restrictions we can only look at certain nationalities for the role. Brits, Polish, Lithuanians, Canada, Scandinavians, Ireland, Germany.