Accountant Needed in VA Familar with Merchant Mariners

Can anyone recommend a CPA? I filed and paid VA state income tax for the past four years because I didn’t know, or have time to figure out, if I had to file. I was in Virginia only a few weeks per year. I used my father’s house as an address in VA. I want to refile my taxes and get a refund for the four years. It is hard to find a CPA who understands residency rules for merchant mariners. Thanks!

It really doesn’t matter if you were in Virginia a few weeks a year IF that was the state you were claiming residency. Do you have a driver’s license and if so what state? Did you vote in any election the last 4 years and if so what state? If the answer is Virginia you probably filed correctly.


Yes, I had a VA driver’s license and I appreciate your help. Hopefully, someone will know of a CPA who can positively clarify this for me.