AB Unlimited with Tanker Endorsement

Hi All , i am new to this page . Fortunately i found a lot of guys of my own species.
well i need some guidance . If i am having AB unlimited license with tanker endorsement what the are the chances for me to get a job
in this industry.
My background is i have got tanker experience as 2nd mate but on foriegn flag ships with british license ,
now i live in states i am trying to catch US industry and planning to start with AB unlimited license as this is the only opportunity i am allowed to get bu USCG so far.

any suggestions , i will highly appreciate all.

Thanks &Regards

My guess would be to get on something down the gulf, really the only area hiring on a regular basis to get the days needed for your mate’s license back. The gulf oilfield is the go to place these days.

Pack a bag and go to louisiana and knock on doors, that seems to be the best way to go about it. Look in this section about “door knocking.”