AB to mate cost?

Is there a ball park figure of how much I can expect to pay for all the classes for 3rd mate unlimited? Also where is the best place to take them at? I would like to try to knock them all out consecutively.

A lot of factors play into this…

Your location: Travel expenses. Taking classes in South Florida during peak winter season is way more expensive than the summer. Other locations won’t be affected as much, but you have flights and logistical costs.

Schedule: Unless you are wealthy, it’s difficult to find any specific run of classes anywhere. Depending on your crew change day of the week, and consistency, you might get off for 2 weeks starting on a Wednesday and only be able to attend (1) 5 day class the following week before you are due back. A 10 day class compounds this perdicament. I attended classes all over the US just to fit my schedule to what was available. Price was a factor, but ultimately schedule was the deciding element.

Quality: I took less technical classes in some less than desirable locations. The highly technical classes where the environment greatly contributes to your success as well as learning something (simulators) I spent the money and attended the best schools. Again, price isn’t always the deciding factor.

Current Seatime: Where are you on days towards mate? Lot of jobs right now if you have a ticket. If you skip 2 hitches to save a $100 bucks on a class, but delay getting you mates ticket by 2 hitches, then you lost thousands trying to save one hundred.

Most all the schools post their schedule and pricing. Get a spread sheet going in Excel. Start putting schools, schedules, and pricing. It’s 12 level chess, but if you are driven towards reaching a goal, then it will help you keep track and plan way ahead.


$20,000 to $30,000 for classes, hotels, meals, rental cars, and travel.

Crawford’s in Seattle is a very good school. Finding affordable housing within walking distance will be a challenge.

MPT is a good quality school in Fort Lauderdale with midrange pricing. Many courses are offered every week.

Flights are plentiful and reasonable. A variety of housing options from cheap “crew houses” to nice hotels. Food is reasonable. No rental car needed. A pleasant and safe place to be.

I do not recall the name of the new school in Norfolk that rose out of the ashes of Mid-Atlantic Maritime, but it should be good. Norfolk is a shithole.

Training Resources in San Diego might be a good option.

Course schedule and reliability that they will still hold the class if enrollment is low are the most important factors.

Didn’t the new place just get in trouble too?

Damn. Thanks for breaking it down. I didnt realize I have to go on an easter egg hunt for classes around the country. Do you know if Mitags offers the classes consecutively?

The schools have their schedules posted online. It’s pretty simple to go find out what classes are offered when.

Other schools: Northeast Maritime NH , Quality Maritime FL, Delgado Maritime New Orleans and San Jacinto Tx are community colleges that offer classes, Star Center Dania FL. A few online options and prices/schedule vary. Unions may pay for upgrades/classes too. Good luck! Also checkout Buc-ees. $125k for car wash manager, 401k match, 3 weeks paid. Home every night and weekend.

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Not to nitpick, but Northeast Maritime is located in Fairhaven, Mass (across the harbor from New Bedford).

The best school that I’ve attended is USMRC in Newport, Rhode Island. They use their full mission bridge simulators for part of the radar, ARPA, BRM, etc courses. They also operate the Navy’s simulators at the US Naval War College nearby. Newport is very nice place that’s expensive during the summer, but quite reasonable during the off-season.

The Louisiana schools are often the cheapest tuition, but a rental car will be necessary, flights to New Orleans are more expensive than Fort Lauderdale/Miami with fewer options, and lodging tends to be quite expensive down in the bayou. Not a very enjoyable place to be while you study.

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Well, sometimes if a place is too enjoyable, studying can take a bit of a back seat.