AB limited jobs?

looking at getting my AB limited credentials and getting an offshore job. how is it looking out there right now. I have over 9 years Navy deck experience and just looking to find out the ability to get a job once I complete the certification? any information on this would be greatly appreciated!

There’s jobs out there…but don’t be surprised if it takes a while to get hired. I’m not so sure if anyone is truthful with the whole ‘immediate need’ phrase, considering it takes most companies at least a month to hire someone.

Being ex-military will be huge, especially if you hold a clearance of any sort.

In case you don’t know, getting work with your ab will be harder if not almost impossible without the stcw endorsements that go along with it.

It sounds like lots of tug companies are hiring right now if that interests you at all.

I think Vane and Dann ocean have immediate openings…

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I also heard Dunlap was open hiring…

Nothing is immediate at vane


You need RFPNW and Able Seafarer - Deck in order to sail as AB anywhere that is required to have an AB.