AB duties on a Drillship

your correct,guess I worded that incorrectly,

With Transocean, in the GOM, 21-21 rotation with NO travel for ABs. Licensed gets travel paid plus $300

International, 28-28 rotation travel paid.

International, with expatriate pay, hazard pay for West Africa, safety bonus and quarterly bonus, I was grossing over six-figures.
Enough frequent flyer miles to fly business class to London after a while.
It was a good gig.

CONS- Malaria risk, bureaucracy with the work visas takes months. Language barrier with the nationals can be a problem.

Duties- Mostly doing preventative maintenance on lifeboats, firefighting/emergency gear and other SOLAS related things, Testing watertight doors, fire dampers etc. Between loading bulk cargo (drillwater, mud, cement, barite etc.) The roustabouts handle most of the drillpipe, riser, casing, and containers. FYI the only time you will have on the bridge will be to file a work permit. You will be a part of the firefighting/emergency team, and helicopter landing team.

My boat works for the Santa Ana. Seems like a bunch of good guys on there as far as crane operators and mso goes. Good like she’s a nice ship.