A revolutionary interactive application providing you with your next sailing destination options

Sentinel Marine solutions has developed an information and recommendation tool for finding your next sailing destination based on your current location, weather conditions and your points of interest. The solution is meant for bareboat charters and everyone ready to take their sailing experience to another level of ease and pleasure. Safe, reliable and easy to use—forget about simultaneously relying on different sources of information to plan your sailing destination or other people charging you to do that for you. With Bayfinder, you have all the information needed in one place in less than a minute.

Once you choose your starting point, the tool generates a few destination options and provides you with the most important information. These include: sailing conditions, estimated time of arrival, tells you whether it’s an anchor or marina spot and gives you popular times. Whether you’re looking for a daytime swim or an overnight stay, Bayfinder tailors its recommendations to your preferences. Pick the one that fits you the most and get moving!

The tool simplifies your sailing in foreign waters and lets you explore like a local. With tens of millions of nautical miles of experience and continuous monitoring of weather conditions, the Bayfinder engine suggests safe destinations only. Be spontaneous, but without taking any risks of being spontaneous.

“It’s like TripAdvisor for the sea, only it adapts its recommendations in real-time based on weather conditions. Bayfinder’s suggestion engine can be integrated into other apps and websites. An example of this is the Sentinel mobile app, which can now provide destination suggestions to charter guests. A stand-alone app called Bayfinder is also in development” - explains Pedro Kostelec, CTO at Sentinel Marine solutions.

If you find this interesting, visit https://www.bayfinder.app/ and sign for the wait-list with your sailing country! We plan to spread to other areas over time and would love to know where are you sailing and think this app would help!

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Posted in a professional mariner’s forum, because yeah, we pick our next ports by where the best mojito is mixed, or where the best swim hole is.


Ok sir, I accept your challenge. Please make sure to include amenities information for such lovely port of call as Cherry Point, WA, USA; Shell Deer Park, Tx, USA; & Jebel Ali, UAE. Oooo and don’t forget Diego Garcia and Ulsan, ROK!!!


You don’t??? You’re doing it all wrong… :laughing:


You forgot C-Port Fouchon!! I hear there is good gumbo and Gratons…

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Providence Rhode Island has stuffies and clam fritters. And the water at the head of the harbor is only brackish! And a few years ago there was a Russian submarine. And this welcoming establishment right on the waterfront.


I think you could expand this concept by promoting theme-based sailing trips such as an exciting “Pirate Cruise” with your choice of either the Bight of Guinea or the Horn of Africa. Either way, the excitement of being taken captive, held hostage and potentially tortured while waiting for the ransom to be paid beckons. You could promote this as a weight-loss tour if you are captive long enough for the food to run out. Watch those pounds melt away.

How about a “Beat the Reaper” cruise of the Indian sub-continent, where there is always the possiblity of catching a disease they don’t have a name for and they will name it after you. Talk about something that will impress the folks at home, if you survive. Even if you don’t catch something that will rot away body parts or leave you permanently scarred, you will get to to meet plenty of locals who have already done so. Be sure to get a selfie with your new friends.

And for the would be Rambos, there is always a trip to a war zone. You never know what might happen next. Civil wars and coup d’etats offer plenty of thrills.

As you can see I am an idea man so feel free to contact me for more ideas for the sailing trip of a lifetime.


Heehee, reckon I know where you got that. :slight_smile:

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hahah this guy gets it! :sweat_smile:

Whoops! :slight_smile: My bad! I still hope some of you are sea lovers and casual sailors as well, though it wasnt my intention to be that much off-topic. Excuse moi! Gonna take into account your recommended ports, I bet our developers can do something about it :sweat_smile:

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I think there might be a market for your app. I might even use it when sailing for pleasure.

Even on a tugboat, when approaching an unfamiliar port, it can be helpful to have the names and phone numbers of English speaking cab drivers, where to order pizza or Chinese take out delivery, or where to find the best safe bars near the waterfront.


I’ve used paper books/booklets that serve that purpose and after a quick search I see they’re online also. They give a pretty good account of the services of interest to transient mariners whether commercial or private and you can find amenities on land by googling the town.

The Port of Wanchese in the Outer Banks for example. I’ve had to duck in there a time or two.


The OP has a ways to go. Best of luck to him.

This… this right here. Dude, I hadn’t even considered that. @easysailor, if you put it together for this, you might have a winner for our side of things. Only problem I foresee is the rapidity of take out places closing and changing hands, etc. But cab companies, banks that do exchange, hospital/fire brigade/police contact info… stuff like that would be handy in a quick reference app. The books we use for that on ships are kind of unwieldy and don’t really give the information we really need.

If you like hunting in port there’s usually deer running around Craney Island fuel terminal in VA…don’t know how they feel about bullets around all that jet fuel though. (Mojitos are BYO)

well, there are ways to successfully update information like that. :slight_smile: But, unfortunately, that’d be completely different service than the one I was describing. When it’s said “TripAdvisor for the sea”, by it its not meant for the “seaside” (restaurants, etc) cause that one is already covered by TripAdvisor, right? It’s meant literally for the sea, when you’re sailing or want to sail away, it gives you spots near by tailored to your preferences (secluded swim, overnight stay, anchor/marina, popular times, etc.). However, I hope there will be someone covering your interests as well, and you got a nice business idearight there, maybe someone will pick it up!