Websites for mariners to be addicted to for fun

Besides gCaptain I spend way too much time at

thousands and thousands of ship photos from around the world at

any of a hundred websites for shipbrokers but my favorite is Marcon International

where are your weaknesses?

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I enjoy Shipspotting also. When I find a boat that peaks my interest, I like to find its current location using a file from in Google Earth. I also like to see how many boats are tied-up in Fourchon.

Shipspotting is a great resource! We have been working on a partnership for many months just can’t find ideas that will be mutually beneficial.

I forgot all about searching for ships in port on Google Earth! That is a great time waster. Ever look at the beach in Alang India or all the yard in Koje? Wow!

I pity the poor sods who don’t have internet at sea yet…I would go through withdrawl if I ever have to go back to an old timey ship without being able to go online like in the old daze!

On a new vessel. But, don’t have internet on it. :frowning: Just the little things that would help moral on the vessel.

Flickr and Stumble Upon can certainly suck down some time, just enter a maritime related word in their search engine. For example… I recently stumbled upon this site and lost an hour: Concept Illustration and Design.

[B]Here is a link to a neat interactive with the cool Voith-Schneider propeller with a couple different views and you can use joystick or steering wheel with lever…[/B]

[B]and this link has a neat (really cool :cool:) screensaver ( 6th one down ) it’s labeled [U]Voith Schneider Propeller[/U].[/B]

[B]let me know what you think on the screensaver :rolleyes:[/B]

This ones pretty good.

The one that wastes the most of my time is - I especially enjoy the Art section because an artist can often show you things that no photographer ever can.

I even get daily emails summarizing new posts - but I think that saves me some time because it helps me avoid going to the site too often.

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This is by far the best android app out that i have found, and has the most current positions. Pay the 5 bucks to get rid of ads. You can also get up to 30 day tracks of vessels and chart overlays and some other stuff. I think they now have an app out for iphone too.

Yeah. Great site, although with a very strong British bias. I go through the photos every so often. Even have a few posts myself. Same with Flickr that I see mentioned. Besides my day job, I am a motorsports photographer and I use Flickr for that, as well as any maritime photos that I shoot or scan.