A musical treasure amongst treasures unearthed!

The truly singular & inimitable Thurl Ravenscroft himself singing “A Life on the Ocean Wave”…just behold that baritone belted in all its bountiful beauty!


of course, once one has heard the Great Thurl, the KP Marching Band’s attempt might as well be played on the kazoo and tin whistle for how thin it sounds!

btw, that site is filled with great music of the sea and more importantly, drinking!..much listening and more importantly, drinking to be done!


zero replies? nyaah & nuts to all you blokes…you all have tin ears and don’t know great art when you hear it!

just for that you get another dose of the KP Marching Band lead by his grandiose immenseness Capt. Kenneth R. Force USMS in a tour de “Force” rendering the “A Life on the Ocean Wave” playing to the rapt enjoyment of the dozens present!


“Let really hear that applause…(or we’ll be “forced” to pour highvoltage current into those bleachers until you DO applaud}”

KP has become such an unbelievable pathetic joke pf a “maritime” school that to NOT lampoon it is doing society a great disservice!

Here’s an actually decent one, since you’re going to make everyone sit through that!