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The second of three new nuclear icebreakers have been launched in St. Petersburg: https://thebarentsobserver.com/en/arctic/2017/09/nuclear-icebreaker-sibir-floated-out


Is China the reason Norway is looking harder at protecting it’s rights in the high north??: https://www.arcticnow.com/voices/analysis/2017/09/25/how-chinas-economic-growth-changes-security-in-the-high-north/


Nanaimo Port BC gets new CEO with a worldwide experience: http://www.seatrade-cruise.com/news/news-headlines/new-nanaimo-port-ceo-is-ulstein-rolls-royce-veteran.html
That is how the world of shipping should and does work.


Kvaerner has got the contract for towage and installation of the West White Rose concrete structure, but missed out on the main construction contract:


This week Arctic Council to meet in Aalesund to discus navigational safety in Arctic waters:


A documentary about the effect of Arctic Navigation will be shown to coincide with th UN Climate Conference in Bonn. Here is a preview:


Navigation Officers on vessels operating in the Polar regions is in need of training to comply with the Polar Code implemented by IMO:

Unfortunately there are few places that offer such training. The one mentioned in the article, Viking Ice Consultancy AS, is situated in Kr.sand, Norway and part of the Viking Supply Groupe:


Of greater relevance to the majority of the audience here: USCG Policy Letter


Are there any US Institutions approved by USCG to conduct such training yet?
(I assume that no foreign institutions will be considered for US certification)


You can check for yourself here.


On page 45 of 853 I found one institution that offer an approved course :slight_smile:
There may be more, but my patience run out.:sweat:


Russia to streamline the regulation and administration of the Northern Sea Route:


Looks like Russia wants to keep oil shipment through the NSR for themselves:


More large LNG carriers with high Ice class (ARC 7) getting ready to serve the Yamal LNG project:


Want to travel through the North west Passage in the foot steps of Roald Amundsen?
What better way to do it than on board Hurtigruten’s new Expedition Cruise ship Roald Amundsen?:

This will be possible in 2019. Start saving. Ticket price FROM 100K (Approx. USD 12,000)


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