A good time to start applying..?

Very new to the industry. Have to make a career change due to covid. Got my TWIC. MMC and new passport very soon. I am looking to get into the great lakes freighter arena and was curious as to when the best time of year would be for me to start applying, knockin on doors, sending emails, etc. I know the season wraps up in December, so is it too early? I also realize that there are probably limited spots for a newbie, but I’d like to give it a try. Thanks in advance.

Hey man,

It’s never too late/early to get in contact with guys on the lakes, although the shipping season only has a few months left, you could get lucky and pick up time this fall because the hiring manager needs someone ASAP, turnover for deckhands is high due the large work volume and other factors.

Good luck

Thanks! Good to know. I’ll get going on it.