A few questions about the credentialing process

Currently I’ve been trying to go through the credentialing process. I got my TWIC in February and my application was received at the NMC on the 30th of March. I however I do have 4 questions.

·Will I have to test if I’m applying for a deck hand position?

°if I do have to test where can I prep for testing

·How long does credentialing rake on average. How long did it take to receive yours.

·How long is the security clearance process? Mine was received on the 30th and I don’t want to receive my credential when the Shipping season ends.

What do you mean by “deckhand”?

Do you mean Able Seafarer Deck?

There is no such rating as deckhand

Which ratings did you apply for?

What do you mean by shipping season, are you trying to sail on the Lakes?

Do you have your STCW?

I mean unlicensed or ordinary seaman

I applied for an original rating

I do intend to sail on the lakes

I was told by the Toledo REC I don’t need a STCW

No test for entry level. Assuming you have a clean record and no medical issues, you should have your merchant mariner credential within a couple months or hopefully sooner. Depends on how busy they are and if your package was filled out correctly.

No test for OS.

If you sail on the lakes you shouldn’t need STCW,but get it as soon as you can.

2-3 months if there’s no hang up

Damn I was hopeing to get it at least a month from now. Losing experince and money waiting on it.

You may get it in a month. You’ll get email updates during the process.
Once you have dealt with the national maritime center as much as the rest of us have, you’ll add a few weeks more to what you guess the turnaround time will be too !


Turnaround time?

Turnaround time= time it takes from the day you send your shit in to the nmc till the day your credential comes in the mail.


I was surprised by turnaround time, when I renewed in February (submitted during the shutdown) it took longer for the REC to mail the application to NMC then it did for NMC to process and send back. I’d guess you should see it soon, if you haven’t gotten any updates call and ask.

You can check on their web page