A couple days in a different life

Some of you may have seen my timelapse video in the offshore section about running mudboats in the oilfield, here is a quick one I made the other day showing an average round trip for a fast ferry captain at home in boston. Fun stuff and a great day to do it. http://newenglandwaterman.com/2013/09/15/a-day-in-another-life-boston-ferry-captain/

Thanks for sharing. What a beautiful and interesting ride everyday. Looks very relaxing.

Can’t believe they only pay their Captains $100.00 a day. Or like $11.00 an hour. The boats are starting to look a little rough.

I can remember riding that ferry many times back and forth to the airport. Work out of that dock right there next to the terminal at the Quincy shipyard in '07 on the NE Gateway Pipeline project. Folks up there had never seen a crewboat. Great Job!

They’re paid better now, nothing special but its come a long way. BHC has the MBTA runs/boats now and they got as much needed update and coat of paint finally. The other guys were running them into the ground.

We helped do that when I was @ Mac. That was a nice quick ride to the airport

The difference is BHC used their own money to do some maintenance, where as BBC would only use what the. MBTA gave them, and had for the 17 years they had the contract. The HE boat captains aren’t making much, some of the more experienced guys that can run any of the fast cats (from Salacia to lighting) make decent money.

Did they get rid of that loser station manager Veronica I think her name was. Or was it Monique? I sure miss that woman I think her name was Rosie, passed away last year I think. She was classic, just don’t make them like that anymore. RIP lady

Oh I know all too well! like I said those HE boats were run into the ground. BHC has its issues (obviously I don’t work there anymore), but does an honest effort to maintain equipment with a few ligit port engineers I had the pleasure of working with, and would be glad to have on the tugs with me now.

Did a short (month) stint with wta/he years ago and couldn’t take it.

Do not know the fate of Monique although I think she’s still there someway or another. She screamed at me and threatened to fire me once in the month I worked there; I saved her the satisfaction. She was a decent person though, I think at the time the nonsense had gotten to her as well.