9 and 3 Break only

So Captain dickhead over here says that the mariner crew only gets a 9 o’clock break and a 3 o’clock break can anybody confirm that in the CFR‘s or is this captain talking out of his fucking bunghole?

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Can you elaborate more? Union, non union, what type of ship, watch hours? What does the contract say or the management system if non union?

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Usually it’s 10 and 3, but yea.

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My guess he is working a 6 & 6 schedule where breaks at 9 and 3 marks the halfway point on the respective watch.

Hornbeck boat 42/21 12 hour shifts. The entire crew came down to the galley after he was done with his speech. When we had our fire drill, we left the bridge came down and started talking about how fucking stupid that guy is to sit up on the bridge. Talk to the girl all day that’s the mate And he wants the entire crew to be working 11 hours a day every day come on now man 2 15 minute breaks and a 30 min or hour lunch and you want that all day every day so basically 10 hours of hard-core work every single day even the mud boats don’t work like that

He definitely pissed a lot of people off by saying that and today is Super Bowl Sunday of all days as well

Mpsv. Yeah, the boat where no rigging goes on just sitting on DP all day but it’s cold up here as well. Can’t paint can’t chip or needle gun.

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Sounds about right, most of the boats here at ECO do 2 30 minute breaks and an hour for whatever meal time falls in your watch. So about 10 hours or work.

That doesn’t happen though, it’s more like 2 4-5 hour breaks on the phone in the lounge and there ain’t fuck all the captain or CM can do about it anymore.


It’s called bell to bell, and it happens a lot of places.


At a non-union company i’d say particulars about break and meal times during watch are the captain’s call. Even if HOS has anything in writing regarding it, i’d bet they’d back the captain up.

But then again all companies have a no cell phone on watch policy too that is rarely enforced.

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He’s the captain pal, he’s gonna do what he wants.

This is not unusual. You get paid for a 12 hour day right? Working 10 of 12 paid hours is pretty normal.


What @BeerCaptain said.


Doesn’t sounds crazy to me. Sounds like they’re being more strict about it, but it is what it is.

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Making you earn the $500 a day as an AB!

You have 3 options.

Quite and try a different company.

Get your license, become the dick head, and come back and tell us how easy it is to be the one in charge.

Shut up and get to work.


Arrrrr, be there mutiny brewing in the fo’c’sle ?

After the Superbowl


The holiest of the American high holidays…

As one person already mentioned. My canned answer as a Chief Mate when questioned about my expectations for the deck department; “feel free to upgrade your license, take my job, and try it out for yourself.” It hasn’t changed much as Captain.

To the OP, yes the company expects to get a days work out of you for the wage they are paying. Ipso facto, so does the Captain. Working at sea is actual work. The Captain’s job is more akin to an office job than just about any other job on the boat. Even in the days of sail, the Captain wasn’t out pushing the “holy stone” down the decks.

I guess the good news is that you can aspire to get to the point you are shooting the shit with the mate in the wheelhouse all day. :+1:


It could be worse, you could be further north.

We must have had it easy on the tugs I was on. When I was still on deck the capt/mate usually didn’t bother us as long as we were making good progress on chip/paint and kept the boat clean.

When I went up to the wheelhouse I kept that system going. I also didn’t have a problem joining in and helping when we were at the dock.


I’ll vouch for that response (more polite but same message). It met with complete silence when I was questioned by a deckhand in front of the crew.


Well there is that old saying ‘don’t get mad, get a license.’ :grinning:


Some companies, boats, mates, or captains expect a lot of work. Some don’t expect much. Most fall somewhere in the middle.

Right now it’s easy enough to change boats or companies in search of what fits your work ethic.


Easy solution if you have the courage. Pick up a needle gun, use it for 1 hour straight & fill out an accident report for vibration, noise or some other type of muscle fatigue. Get another guy to go paint or clean for an hour straight & fill out accident report for headache due to chemical smell. Have someone cut up vegetables & clean in galley for hour straight then fill out accident report for wrist pain. When QHSE does investigation tell them about captains orders of no breaks unless its a certain time. Captain will be retrained or replaced. Most supervisors would prefer to be punched in the balls than have QHSE & client on them for creating unsafe work environment.

As for me, I start out almost every job telling my guys, don’t kill yourself, if you need a break, take it, if you have an important telephone call take/make it, get the job done though. Thats the way I liked to be treated when I was lower on totem pole.