75th VJ Day

Why not kiss a sailor to celebrate?

Times Square?

Grabbing a random dental assistant & giving her a celebratory kiss because your chances of being shot, blown up or picked off by sharks while waiting a rescue fell to nil. Priceless. Unfortunately today that wouldn’t fly because of social distancing regulations & because its considered sexual assault. The sailor would be court martialed & put on a sexual predator registry.

How about a fist bump or a text with a thumbs up emoji instead?

Nah, nothing to see here.
Unless you work for a tabloid of course.
Or whatever the digital equivalent is.
All the people that are looking at them are smiling.
And she has her leg cocked, um, coquettishly.
Definitely posed.

[quote=“Hornblower, post:4, topic:56362”]
Definitely posed[/quote]

Not according to the woman involved. And not a welcome encounter, either.

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Or don’t kiss a sailor, ferfaksake.

But maybe take a moment to celebrate the end of a shitty war and remember our veterans.

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She was likely trying to keep her Port Abath Garter strap from flying overboard as jetsam. :blush:

Those were pre pantyhose days ya know !

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She did “appear” to have the happy right leg. Great photo. Don’t know who my father in law kissed when got back from WW2, but I know he was happy to get the fuck out of there.