4 Yrs at Sea, 18 War Crossings, 68 yrs as a Barber, 100% Merchant Mariner

From the article about this incredible man & his experiences:

“Now in 2021, Russell and his family look forward to celebrating his 100th birthday. He still flies the American flag and the Merchant Marine flag in his front yard, honoring all those who served and continue to serve. Russell is still going strong, but he can rest easy knowing his legacy is forever secure just like that of the E.B. Alexander.”



Interesting, must be one of very few left.

My Grandfather was lost with his Liberty Ship. My mum only vaguely remembered him. He was British MN. She was seven, he was rarely home prior to his loss. When he was, he had been recovering from the effects of a previous loss. Obviously I never knew him. I am proud of his service.
I knew many others who were WW2 MN including an uncle who’s vessel was torpedoed and he spent 14 days in charge of an open life boat. Before being picked up by the USCG.

As far as I’m concerned they were veterans.


it seems mm got the short end of the stick re; military benefits. a lot of mariners simply couldn’t meet the physical standards, others were well engrossed in their profession. you’d think that at least the ones that qualified in every category yet stayed aboard could of gotten the GI bill.
what about being sunk a few times? couldn’t they make a exception for that event?

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