75 year anniversary since the liberation of Finnmark

Not sure if this has got much attention in the media outside Norway and Russia, but a memorial was held in Kirkenes to commemorate the 75th Anniversary since since Finnmark was liberated from German occupation the last few days:

The German applied the scourged earth strategy to stop the soviet advance and most of the population was sent by ships to Troms under horrendous conditions. Many hid in caves and tunnels to escape deportation, however.

Norwegian Partisans participated in the liberation, but it took some time before the Norwegian Government in exile in London managed send some troops to the area. They were not all that popular with the locals however, due to their arrogant attitude.
The Soviet troops occupied the area until their withdrew in Sept. 1945.

The relations between the populations on both sides of the border has reminded close to this day, regardless of the political situation between Russia and the west.

Today the Russians come to Kirkenes for shopping and the Norwegian goes to Murmansk for a spot of big city experience.