500 Ton upgrade

I am using Captain Joe’s software and upgrade U on my iphone to help prepare for the 500 ton exam. What should I use to study for navigation plotting? Any other suggestions would be appreciated as well.

More clarity is required for an answer.

Otherwise I’ll say:

Parallel rulers
Mechanical pencil
protractor triangle
Light list
Coast pilot

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I meant where do you find tutorials?

For chart plots it’s best to find a tutor to show you how to work through them. Most recent academy grad mates can show you.

You have to be very careful to plot accurately enough. Double and triple check the bearing of every line you draw. Measure very carefully. It’s got to be exact.

The only other thing is the set and drift vectors. There are a couple different ways of doing them.

Do at least one practice plot on each of the training charts so that you will be familiar with the navigational features on each chart.

Im not aware of a tutorial with Capt Joe for the plotting portion. There are several subjects though once practiced will provide you with the formula/ means to solve the question.

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This might help. This isn’t how I learned but I’ve seen several people use this tool. This is part 1 of 2

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Thank you!