500 ton coast guard exam near coastal

Does anyone know if gyro error and magnetic compass deviation problems will be on the terrestrial exam.

Of course. That is basic to navigation.

Ok thank you wasnt sure if the gyro questions were terrestrial.

The topics are listed under the “examinations” section of NMC website: https://www.dco.uscg.mil/nmc/exams/oceans_or_near_coastal_endorsements/

Beware, that in addition to understanding gyro error, you must also be able to determine compass error by azimuth and amplitude (any celestial body). This can be tricky if you haven’t had any practice in celestial.

For the life of me i dont remember how to get the deviation of this problem from these tables. Anybody familiar with these.

Gyro Error


West is best
East is least

Capt does make vile threats is not working it only gives the magnetic compass reading and the gyro reading i need to find the compass reading from this chart to be able to answer the deviation

Where am i making my mistake?

You have to make a graph.

For gyro error compass west error best

T V M D C add west

G      GE      T      V     M    D    C
294    2W     292     8W   300       298 0                                                               
324    2W     322     8W   330       327.5

No need for a graph or interpolation in this case.

Thanks now its comn back to me, great job!!

Tugsailor and Kennebec Captain. Hadn’t heard that those terms in many moons. They work! Gave me a smile this morning,Thx