40 hour tug week

Does anyone have tips as to which ports/companies run day-operations? Looking to make a change in lifestyle but still stay in the business if possible and am flexible to move anywhere. Thanks for your input.

I can’t think of a dayboat operation anywhere that you only work 40 hours a week.

Right, maybe I should clarify- 40 hr/on call. For example, I believe the Mcallister tugs in portland work days- go home at night with a pager or something. so ya probably work more than 40 anyway but day work nonetheless

They do the same in Baltimore, Charleston, Wilmington, Jax, and Ft Lauderdale as well I think.

No charleston & Lauderdale live on the boat.

Some degree in providence, I think it’s one week “on” two standby and one off. Boston and Portsmouth too but from what I gather it’s either 60-80 hours a week when busy or 20 when it’s slow.

Best bet for a set schedule is smaller construction boats, some actually aren’t that bad paying, considering.

Don’t the MSRC guys go home at night? Then there are your regional ferries. I know the Bolivar Ferry in Galveston goes home off watch.

in general, at least in my part of the world, day jobs making competetive wages with versus liveaboard wages are few and far between, and its usually hard to get a schedule. Gotta work on-call and starve at times working your way up. To some of us money isn’t everything and being home on a daily basis does have some worth, though.

Thanks! Nothing on the west coast, huh?

Jim Brown runs three day boats out of NY Harbor I don’t know how many hours they work but they stay fairly busy. Great equipment also…

Hm no west coasters huh? Mostly ocean or busy harbors I guess…

[QUOTE=jreyes;163179]Hm no west coasters huh? Mostly ocean or busy harbors I guess…[/QUOTE]

Foss and Millenium in LA/LB are day boats…those were the two companies I had in mind when I stated the previous. Crowley in LA/LB is liveaboard, in San Diego they are day boats/on call.

There are also a handful of smaller tug companies that do construction and spot-jobs.

My boat has been out of the harbor for a month or so, Brown added a third boat?

They also just took delivery on a new tug.

Yes Capnfab. The James Brown I believe is the name. Took delivery the last week or so. Nice looking little tug. No tow machine but I was told she’s 2400HP.