3rd mate unlimited with a 5000 grt restriction?

I was just told that I qualify for an unlimited lic with a 5000 GRT restriction, and that does not state anything about ITC on the lic. What is this good for and what ITC am I able to stand on as an officer?

It is good for running mate on anything under 5000 grt. I believe the official answer is that you can run up to 5000 itc as well but I would not feel comfortable doing that and wish the NMC would specifically spell out the itc tonnage.

Capt Schmitt
Thank you for the reply, can you elaborate on the" not feel comfortable " part of your reply.

I wouldn’t trust a foreign port control officer to go by what the nmc says. I would be afraid the foreigners would insist on seeing ITC listed on the license even if the nmc says the 5000 grt covers itc as well.

So in other word I can’t work on a rig until I get that lifted ?

A rig is probably over 5000 grt but I can’t say for sure.