3rd mate unl testing rules?

hello Guys , does any one have an idea as to what are the testing rules for 3rd mate unl? when i took my 500 ton master you could fail a test or for that matter fail all and you had 90 days to complete them plus you had 2 more chances to pass that or those particular test .can anyone clarify this ?

From the Deck Exam Guide:

2.1.8 Retest Policy
a) If an applicant for an upper level officer endorsement as defined in 46 CFR 10.107 fails three or
more sections, a complete re-examination must be administered. On the subsequent exam, if the
applicant again fails three or more sections, at least 3 months must lapse before another complete
examination is attempted, and a new examination fee is required. If an applicant fails one or two
sections of an examination, the applicant may be retested twice as is necessary on each failed
section during the next 3 months. If the applicant does not successfully complete each failed
section within the three (3) month period, a complete examination must be administered after a
lapse of at least three (3) months from the date of the last retest, and a new examination fee is
required. The 3 month retest period may be extended by the OCMI if the applicant presents
discharges documenting sea time which prevented the taking of a retest during the 3 month period.
The retest period may not be extended beyond 7 months from the initial examination (46 CFR